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International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.
International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.


Susana García Pinto

My name is Susana and my principal skill lies in knowing how to recognize the innate talents and the full potential of those around me.

From a very early age, I was always naturally drawn to listening to people and soon realised that each and every one of them, without exception, had a particular glow that was all their own, unique to them and to no one else, of which they were often quite unaware. I wondered where that glow came from and why it didn't always shine so brightly.

The years went by, I completed my industrial engineering studies and still had no inkling about how to answer this question. So, I decided to embark upon a journey of discovery about human nature itself, in which I remain today, a decade or two later, fully immersed and feeling as though I have barely scratched the surface.

I studied the relationship between emotions, stress, and health within a faculty of Psychology, while simultaneously progressing my professional career in the field of sales and marketing. I became an active cog within the corporate machinery of the many multinationals for which I worked, first in Spain and then in the United Kingdom, collaborating with both clients and colleagues the world over. Meanwhile, the fast pace of my daily routine was slowly dulling my own glow, and it became increasingly difficult for me to get in touch with the very vital enthusiasm and passion I had always been able to call upon.

It was then that I set off upon a fascinating journey of self-discovery, wondering what it was that I did best, what I enjoyed the most and how much of both were actually a component of my everyday life at the time. And it was precisely in the midst of this intense questioning of my own life and professional career, that my then boss offered me the opportunity of working with a coach, unaware of the fact that she was actually enabling a radical change in my life. Because as a direct consequence of this came my decision to retrain as a professional coach myself, and to finally bring together my career, my particular set of skills and my passion for people. In other words, I started to polish the glow in my life.

Since then, I have individually accompanied hundreds of people in the achievement of their diverse goals, and hosted over a thousand people in my workshops and training sessions around the world. From each one of them I have learnt that it is precisely the re-discovery of our own glow, our own brilliance - sometimes buried beneath imposing layers of inertia - that gives us the strength to implement such change, which is often the profound transformation that we long for.

If you would like to chat, I am at your entire disposal.


My Academic Training:

· Certified Professional Coactive Coach (CPCC). The Coaches Training Institute, C.T.I. London

· Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). NLP Life Training by Richard Bandler. London.

· Certified Coach in Emotional Intelligence in Leadership (ECR). Roche Martin. London.

· University expert in Psychopathology and Health. UNED

· University Degree in Stress and Health; anxiety and depression. UNED.

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