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International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.
International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.


Trusting Your Talent Coaching

My name is Susana, and I have the privilege of working every day on my passion. My main talent consists of being able to recognise and spot the talent and potential in each and every one of the people who surround me. This is the principal reason I became a professional coach. For me, being an active part of the process of change, many times a transformation, of each of my clients makes total sense of my professional career, and is the basis of my motivation to continue learning and improving every day.

Although I completed my studies at the School of Industrial Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the moment I finished I began parallel training in the field of Psychology and personal development. At the Spanish Open University I completed a degree as University Expert in Psychopathology and Health and, at that same University, I obtained a diploma in Stress and Health: Anxiety and Depression.

My professional career began to focus on the area of Sales and Marketing, working for some of the most well known multi-nationals in sectors such as Telecommunications (Telefónica), Chemicals and Metallurgy (Repsol, OTIS, ASHLAND and Praxair).

During those years I came to know the close relationship that exists between knowing how to communicate effectively with people and the success of any given professional project.

One day I decided to internationalise my training and professional experience, and I moved to the United Kingdom. There I obtained a diploma in Public Relations at the London College of International Business Studies (LCIBS) and, in addition, I enriched my professional experience in the areas of Sales and Marketing, but on a European and North American scale.

It was there that I first came into contact with coaching and it was there that I undertook all my training as co-active coach professional (at the Coaching Training Institute of London). Currently, I am also a member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and am accredited as Associate Certified Coach by this same entity.

It was also in this city that I graduated as Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), having the enormous privilege of training with one of its two creators, Richard Bandler, and with John La Valle, his right hand. Back in Madrid I attended workshops held by some of the best masters, amongst them, the great Humberto Maturana.

Upon my return from the United Kingdom, I began to shape my great dream, which was none other than to dedicate myself professionally to my passion, and thereby make the most of my skills in this regard. One day I dared to make it a reality, and I hired a coach to smooth the way for me.

And here I am today, collaborating with a fabulous international team of professionals, from whom every day I learn new things and thanks to whom I can guarantee the quality of the service I provide.

We offer life and executive coaching sessions, either in person or over the telephone, on Skype or by video conference.

Thank you for having got this far and, now you know, if you have decided to take up the reins of your life and would like to try a free coaching session with me, you need simply let me know.

I am at your disposal.


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