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International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.
International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.


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As the renowned French surgeon Victor Pauchet once said, "the most productive work is that which comes from a happy man ".

Have you ever thought of the new opportunities that may open up for you if you were to dedicate yourself professionally to what you love most and what you are best at?

Feeling unsatisfied, demotivated or very stressed in our work inevitably has an impact, not only on our productivity, but also in all other facets of our lives; our vitality is affected and the quality of the relationships with those around us diminishes.

Similarly, the manner in which you communicate determines to a large degree the success of your professional projects.

This is why, investing a little time in coaching you to improve some of your skills, as well as to achieve the changes and the goals you seek in your professional career, is, without a doubt, an investment in your wellbeing and in that of those around you.

What do our sessions consist of?

Our sessions last one hour and can be held in person, by telephone, or a combination of both modalities, depending on what works best for you.

The foundation of our work will be our alliance, based on a relationship of mutual trust and confidentiality, and that is why we will define it together at the beginning and we will redesign it whenever necessary.

Your real work and learning will take place between sessions, and therefore I will make sure that, at the end of each one, we are both clear about what actions you must take until the next session, and how we will quantify the results obtained.

What will you get from our executive coaching sessions?

· You will be coached to achieve the results and make the changes you set yourself in your career.

· You will improve your performance, by learning to optimise your resources and daring to trust your talent. You will show your real potential and consider new goals you never imagined possible.

· You will significantly improve your communication skills, both with members of your team, as well as with your managers and colleagues.

· You will be coached to achieve the mental state necessary to produce the results you seek, through our NLP techniques (Neuro-Linguistic Programming). In other words, you will learn to communicate with yourself in such a way that you guarantee yourself better results.

· You will acquire resources for effectively managing stress and considerably improving your wellbeing and health.

· You will work to clarify and define the next series of goals in your professional career, in such a way that these are coherent with what you most love and what you are best at.

· You will boost your intuition, so necessary to complementing your analytical approach when taking important decisions.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

We recommend you have two sessions in the first month, but you will always be the one to decide this.

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