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International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.
International Coaching Services. Executive Coaching.


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Executive Coaching sessions

As the renowned French surgeon Victor Pauchet once said, "The most productive work comes out of the hands of a happy man ".

Feeling unsatisfied, stressed or lacking in motivation at work inevitably has an impact, not only on our productivity, but also on all other areas of our lives; our vitality suffers and the quality of our relationships with those around us declines.

This is why investing just a fraction of your time in teaching yourself to improve some of your professional skills and areas of competence, as well as making the changes you seek in your career, is undoubtedly an investment in your wellbeing and in that of those around you.

What can you achieve with executive coaching sessions?

· You will develop your leadership skills and other key skills such as active listening, strategic vision, critical thinking and understanding team psychology and processes of change.

· You will obtain practical tools that will teach you to delegate better, to offer and receive valuable and effective feedback, to put together and host attractive presentations and meetings, and motivate the people in your team through coaching.

· You will hone your ability to communicate more effectively, to identify the different styles of communication of those who surround you so that may influence them in a collaborative manner

· You will sharpen your ability to intelligently manage your emotions and to establish trusting relationships with those around you.

What do the sessions consist of?

The sessions last one hour and are take place online. In addition, we will be in contact by telephone or electronic mail in between sessions.

The cornerstone of our work together will be our alliance, based on a relationship of mutual trust and confidentiality, and that is why we will define it together at the beginning of the process and redesign or redefine it whenever necessary.

Your real work and learning will happen between sessions, and I will therefore make sure that at the end of each session we are both clear about what actions are required prior to the next one, and how we will quantify the results obtained.

What is the frequency of the sessions?

I recommend two sessions during the first month, but you will always be the one to decide this.

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